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Posh Roast

In Chapter 3 (Sitting with Awareness), Meghan invites Lucia over for a Sunday afternoon lunch: Pat’s famous pot roast, or as Simone calls it, Posh Roast. It’s a new spin on a classic stick-to-your-ribs recipe.

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Spicy Chicken Ka-bombs

In Chapter 5 (Mindful Movement), the women gather at Meghan’s house for a cookout. While enjoying some skewered delicacies, Simone nicknamed Meghan’s husband’s kabobs “ka-bombs” because they were so tasty. If you enjoy spicy food, these chicken ka-bombs are for you! If spicy isn’t your thing, check out the Tropical Shrimp Ka-bombs recipe.

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Super Vegetable Soup (Original)

In Chapter 4 (Awakening the Senses) of The Chaos Antidote: A Fable About Mindfulness, the women prepare Super Vegetable Soup in silence. They chop, smell and taste as they prepare this soup, filled with fresh vegetables and a tasty broth. Veda reminds them that just as the broth softens the vegetables, our mindful breath softens our mind so it is supple to experience life. I invite you to prepare the Super Vegetable Soup in silence, using all your senses to experience the food and appreciate the cooking process.

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