You’re freer than you think

In honor of July, a month that celebrates our freedom, I want to share with you a beautiful line I heard recently:

You’re freer than you think.

What a life-giving thought!

How often do you feel overwhelmed or trapped by negative thoughts? How often do those thoughts make you spin out? Act out?

You’re freer than you think.

What if you took this to heart, tried it on for a day … allowed yourself to be freer?

I’m trapped. I’m traveling a beautiful path of freedom.
I don’t have any choices. → Life is full of creative options.
I’m inadequate. → I’m incredible.
I can’t. → I believe I can.

Claim five minutes for yourself. Celebrate your freedom with a short, mindful sitting practice, to notice what’s on your mind and what’s feeling good (or not so good) in your body. Free from judgment, just be present, be free as your beautiful self.

Try it out: Sitting meditation guidance

Choose a place to sit quietly and comfortably on a cushion or chair.

Practice a slow, deep breath in—feeling the air enter your body, all those sensations in your nose, throat, chest and stomach.
Slowly release your breath through your mouth—noticing how the air feels passing over your lips and leaving your body. If you get distracted, just come back to your breath—noticing it as it naturally occurs.
Imagine your thoughts are bubbles. Touch them with a feather as they pass, but try not to pursue or grab them. They will pop!
Practice slowing down the thought bubbles, watching them pass and naming what they are. Just the act of naming them can make your thoughts less overwhelming and get you in touch with what’s really occupying your mind.

But, Aimee, I keep thinking!

No worries, darling. Your mind’s job is to think. Here are a few ways you can bring your attention back to your breath, back to the present moment.

• Say in your mind “thinking” without judgment and come back to your breath.
• Tap one of your fingers on your leg or knee, like a body bell.
• Say a mantra, like “Come home” or “Just breathe.”

You are freer than you think,


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