Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today marks the 2nd birthday of The Chaos Antidote: A Fable About Mindfulness. If you recall, two years ago—June of 2020—was an odd time. Folks were working from home; kiddos were also home because summer camps (and vacations) were cancelled.

Writing and publishing a book during COVID meant the process was a fairly private experience. Sure, my editor, proofreader and publishing team cheered me on via Zoom and email, but I was ready to break out the streamers and kazoos with humans … in person.

However, our COVID holing up meant no celebratory book signing, cake cutting and friend hugging. The good news: I plan to schedule such an event soon (keep an eye out)! To ensure you’re notified of the event, sign up for my enewsletter.

In light of the 2nd birthday of my first-born book, I’m reflecting on the journey of the last couple years. The highlights include:

The journey has been joyful and breathtaking. I’ve witnessed the bright, beautiful core of human goodness during challenging times, and I consider this an invaluable gift.

The conversation continues: I’m launching the Mindfulness Academy Podcast this fall! I’ll be speaking with mindfulness experts who will share their journey, practices, research and helpful tips. I’ll also provide personal insights and mindfulness trainings to help you increase joy and calmness.

If you’re looking for more calmness in your life, sign up to be notified when the podcast launches.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, whether you’ve been in my corner since the beginning or just found me today. Cheers to many more years … and I hope you’ll tune in to the Mindfulness Academy Podcast!

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