The Chaos Antidote: A Fable About Mindfulness

In The Chaos Antidote: A Fable About Mindfulness you’ll join an intimate group of women on a sojourn filled with soul searching, personal struggles and long-kept secrets.

You’ll follow the story of Meghan, a distracted writer who’s a married mother of twin girls; Simone, a spirited single parent facing a professional crisis; and Lucia, a young engineer who must face a life-altering health issue. With the help of their inspiring leader, Veda, the women learn practical, life-changing skills to find an antidote to chaos.

Join their journey to learn what mindfulness truly is and how it can benefit you. Here’s a secret: mindfulness is not just sitting on a cushion! You’ll also be equipped with practical tools to establish a daily mindfulness practice, so you can help resolve any chaos that may exist in your own life.

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When you purchase The Chaos Antidote, you’ll gain access to a free, six-week mindfulness guide, including GLOWY (an original daily reflection practice). This 40-page guide will help you develop a lasting mindfulness routine.