GLOWY Daily Reflection Practice

The GLOWY daily reflection practice includes an original acronym I developed to guide myself and my readers through a mindful reflection. I find practicing the GLOWY daily reflection practice each day helps connect me to myself and those around me.

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    Recognize things in your life that you’re grateful for.

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    Lift Up

    Identify circumstances, people or struggles that are causing you or others to suffer; or needed wisdom/resources.

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    Scan your body and notice sensations, thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing; observe your surroundings.

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    Wholesome Intention

    Set a clear, positive statement of the outcome you want to experience; how you intend to be, live and show up.

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    You Are

    Write positive affirmations about who you are.

Try your own GLOWY

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Here’s an example from my book:

I’m Grateful for my friends, family, beta readers and coaches who’ve helped.

I Lift up the readers of this book, the visitors to my website and anyone seeking a more mindful life—may they be blessed with resources and support beyond their wildest imaginations.

I Observe that I’m excited to share the message of mindfulness with my readers, and a bit nervous, too.

My Wholesome intention is to help others by sharing what I’ve learned and experienced in an accessible way.

You are a creator with a kind, loving heart.