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It’s my 40th birthday!

This year marks a milestone birthday for me as I celebrate four decades on planet Earth. I’ve contemplated my arrival to the Land of Forties over the last several months. Sure, it’s not a physical place (well, at ...

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Slow your roll: Mindful walking for calmness 

The word “mindfulness” often conjures an image of sitting cross-legged on a floor cushion. A guttural “Om” might be thrown in for good meditation measure. No movement, just breathing in and out. While this ...

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Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today marks the 2nd birthday of The Chaos Antidote: A Fable About Mindfulness. If you recall, two years ago—June of 2020—was an odd time. Folks were working from home; kiddos were also home because summer camps (and ...

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Mindfulness Training: Self-Care Practices for Uncertainty

It was a joy and honor to lead a mindfulness training for the Center for Mindfulness in Public Safety. This amazing group of folks is comprised of Indiana police, fire and first responders, corrections and criminal ...

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