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Zen in 10: Mindful Ways to Cancel Back-to-School Stress

Story by Aimee L. Morgan Illustrations by Sophie Konop See original article featured in Kit Magazine here As summer vibes give way to fall-time ...

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My interview on The Zen Mommy IGTV and “Mom, SLOW DOWN” Podcast

  My interview with The Zen Mommy (formerly Self-Love Collective) IGTV and “Mom, SLOW DOWN” podcast host Jessica Gershman was a complete joy! We ...

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Operation Awesome

Author Spotlight: Operation Awesome

Operation Awesome #20Questions in #2020 of #NewBook Debut Author Aimee L. Morgan Read the full article at Operation Awesome.

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Podcast Feature

Podcast Feature: Nervous Habits

This week, I am joined by Meditation & Mindfulness Expert, Aimee Morgan. We explore alternatives to meditation for people who can’t seem to turn off ...

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